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NRA eruptions

Posted: Sat Jan 16, 2021 4:02 pm
by hollywood2020
So now that the NRA will file chapter 11 and incorporate in Texas, likely liberal Dallas. So do they keep the Virginia offices? Wayne dosn't seem to be going anywhere, same old cash cow. My thought is this, while I support the NRA I don't contribute. Ratio of overhead to good services is way out. Wayne makes huge dollars annually and has some sketchy expenses over the years. I believe the lobby is to blame as well. Most charities are experiencing giant salaries for the CEO, very few have a maximum cap. Point is, the erosion of rights on certain items keeps coming. Common sense is lacking at the NRA, being located in the most expensive city on earth (DC) makes all the staffers pay bigly to live there. They can be anywhere, zoom, etc takes all the hard space obsolete. With CV1984 even more so. These administrations come and go and the BATF still works against us. Record gun sales, record ammo sales, record new first time buyers! Ya think the sheep are sleeping? No, even a nigger knows the end is near. Biden will alter our weapon of choice because high cap magazines fit them. Suppressors will go because terrorists snipe with them, would make hearing loss less likely, and big pharma needs the money for 10K hearing aids and doctor regulated. So this always comes along when the DNC is in charge, but remember Zero was the best salesman for guns and ammo we ever had. I think Harris will EO our ass with severe restrictions, sniffy is too well paid to roll that hard. Besides, he won't last 3 months as POTUS once the faggots start opening Hunters laptop