Video. The background doesn't change. Atlanta Mayor.

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Video. The background doesn't change. Atlanta Mayor.

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Mehitable Storm
What I find particularly interesting in these hologram disruptions is that features are not just distorted, which I'd expect with a tech failure.....FEATURES ARE ADDED. How can you add features INTO a transmission if they weren't there originally? That's not just distortion.
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Re: Video. The background doesn't change. Atlanta Mayor.

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It's not a hologram. Stop assigning fantasy to this. It's a simple bug that's been around forever. Only the moving part blurs and fucks up because the images are stacking up and creating the fucked up effect. And it only effects areas with moving parts. Hence,only her face and body is blurred,not the background. Notice the small distortion around her head where it's moved through the background.

The twitches are probably the mind control methods fucking with her motor skills. Probably drug based.
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Re: Video. The background doesn't change. Atlanta Mayor.

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Now let me tell you. Its not like Im close minded person who reject possibilities, I saw UFOs myself but this topic is so often used to ridicule us that you cannot simply NOT see how its being used to protect and shield the criminal elite with ridiculous disinformation spread around them. And even when it comes to more grounded UFO research how much of that is backed by state sponsored propaganda? Do you know we are dealing with evil occultists who are masters of mind manipulation? Do you know that the very image of reptilian is coming from writings of the occult Helena Blavatsky? Do you know some of them worship Satan aka Lucifer? Whos image is serpent ... Connect the dots.
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