[February Music 2021] 1st attempt, let's see what happens

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Re: [February Music 2021] 1st attempt, let's see what happens

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1moar wrote: Sun Feb 07, 2021 7:12 am Of course. I saw it years ago, researching my name and it oddly came up as you mentioned for SA...despite being white af. I dunno man, all the more reason to change it back imho.
Just to clarify, Cape Coloureds are not black - and Boers (Afrikaners) are obviously White, so no need to freak out. I won't bore you with more details as I don't want to derail your thread.
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Re: [February Music 2021] 1st attempt, let's see what happens

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1moar wrote: Sun Feb 07, 2021 5:03 am Hell yeah man lol, dig it. This track, it's...I love it really. It's pure and honest, and about how I feel after avoiding 2 fights tonight. (that's a whole other story summed up by - drunk assholes)

Dude, so yeah...I don't know where Buddha or any others went. I'm not doing 15 different websites, got enough to keep track of but damn guys, it'd be great to get you all in here.

And re: your comment specifically, I'll just post this - https://kjome1.wixsite.com/eriklee

It's everything I have and my legacy, fwiw. I couldn't get a bus pass for it, but it's me (&friends) and idgaf about doxxing myself. Easier this way. So there's all of mine, anything else will either be new or so old I'm gonna have to dust it off...pretty sure you've heard a few of these.

Good to see ya m8, hope you stick around.
Thanks for listening and the kind words about my song.

TheBuddha is on Poal, at least on Friday nights as they moved the voat Friday night guitar thread over to there, someone mentioned that they were doing something like that on the goatpen and he said he wasnt interested so I think that might just be staying there for now.

Im listening to your tracks now. I am up to the third one so far and I am digging them. Good shit man. Keep on rocking!
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Re: [February Music 2021] 1st attempt, let's see what happens

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2017Fallout wrote: Sun Feb 07, 2021 10:22 am
Excellent stuff - real talent
Thanks man, I appreciate that. Really.

CognitiveDissident5 - No worries, derail all you like m8. SA has always been weird to me, no offense. I grew up in the Midwest of the USA, and any sort of exposure to 'outside' writing, et al., has been...tricky to say the least. We really need to get some more culture over here where I'm at, if for no other reason than to understand and then be able to overstand. This area is flooded with snowflakes and noobs, not a fan.
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