You all know how they get the people to fight each other so the people dont fight them?

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You all know how they get the people to fight each other so the people dont fight them?

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Well they use those tactics to keep themselves hidden in plain sight. People bitch about the niggers or the mexicans so much more in general than they do about the people who facillitated those pox being in the white society in the first place. I am talking about in the general population, not here, we all know who is behind it in this place.

Anyways. They use the same sort of tactics to hide truths from us by having the people argue about things that are not even the important things. While it deals with an aspect of what is really being concealed.

What I am getting at is flat earth globe earth. Those are not even relevant when you learn what they are hiding by forcing that dichotomy down peoples throats. The people never even consider what it is they are trying to hide from you and me. They give you two choices and its time to fight. Convince the pitchfork people that the sickle people want to take their pitchforks away. I think you know what I mean

That is how they trick us all. The truth, reality, is not even one of the sides to choose.

The thing is, the Earth is alive. It is a living being or entity and we are part of it. We are the Earths fingers/ The Earth has a brain, and the Earth has consciousness and the Earths consciousness is where ideas are generated. There is a consciousness bubble surrounding the Earth similarly to the atmosphere and the Earth itself puts ideas out there to be picked up by our brains. You could say they are commands, and those that are capable of fulfilling the commands are compelled to enact them. The Earth also knows that conflict leads to technological advances more rapidly as well as builds character and provides a needed goal. Fight the evil leads to more advancement in the technology. The Earth herself is trying to get us to build something, I believe it is a way to physically reach out to other living planets. We are the Earths fingers and our task is to build the way to touch the other planet, the Earth is looking to touch her lover. We just need to reach out for her. We are her.
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