Binance’s Noah Perlman: Ties to FTX, Epstein and Gemini Earn

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Binance’s Noah Perlman: Ties to FTX, Epstein and Gemini Earn

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After Binance’s settlement with the DOJ and the removal of its longtime leader Changpeng Zhao, one of the most important figures at Binance – Chief Compliance Officer Noah Perlman – is poised to have an outsized role over the activities of and data held by the world’s largest crypto exchange. Despite this, Perlman’s past ties from scandals ranging from FTX to Jeffrey Epstein have been entirely ignored by the mainstream media.
Despite his more critical-than-ever role at the world’s largest crypto exchange, there has been surprisingly little interest among the media in looking deeper into Perlman, who boasts connections to some of the more mysterious aspects of the FTX collapse, controversies at the Winklevoss-owned exchange Gemini, and even notorious sex trafficker and financial criminal Jeffrey Epstein.
According to Tim Ambrose, former Vice president of Institutional Advancement at Interlochen, Epstein initially built his now infamous lodge at Interlochen, sometimes referred to in media reports as a “lair to target girls,” in order to facilitate Perlman’s stays at the school:
We did not have a suitable facility for Mr Perlman to stay at that was handicap-accessible [Perlman lost the normal use of his legs after contracting polio as a child]. Epstein said he was interested in helping build a place for people to stay when they are on campus.

I got an architect and had them draw some plans, but I got a call from Jeffrey and he said: ‘I don’t want that’. He said: ‘I want to build a log cabin and I want it all handicap accessible so when Mr Perlman comes he is comfortable. I want a walk-in tub, I want countertops that are handicap accessible’. So, I got an architect and we came up with something.

Epstein approved of the new design and sent a cheque for up to £313,000 (between US$300,000 and US$400,000 at the time) for it to be built.
While framed as necessary to stop a litany of crimes – from child abuse to money laundering – the obvious problem, with members like the DOJ and FBI, is that many of WEF-PAC’s members have committed those same crimes and routinely protect powerful people who also commit those same crimes on scales much, much larger than those they do prosecute. Jeffrey Epstein is one obvious and well-known example of what amounts to a mafia protection racket masquerading as law enforcement.

Noah Perlman is a symptom of this larger problem. He is not in charge of compliance with the law as written, as his past associations/behavior with Gemini Earn and Farmington show that he is very willing to not comply with the law if it benefits him. Instead, he is in charge of compliance with the financial mafia that runs commercial and central banks. While the Binance settlement has been heralded as “bullish” for crypto, it is hardly a thing to celebrate. Binance most certainly engaged in money laundering and illicit financial activity, but those crimes are dwarfed by those overseen or protected by the DOJ, FBI and American intelligence agencies. By giving the biggest criminals in the game greater control over the digital currency space, we inch closer and closer to the end of financial privacy and surveillable, programmable money – an end-game that gravely threatens not just financial freedom, but human freedom.
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