WHT The Most Expensive Trash Bag in the World

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WHT The Most Expensive Trash Bag in the World

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The “Most Expensive Trash Bag in the World,” by Balenciaga

Balenciaga's Winter 2022 Runway Trash Pouch Could Be Yours for $1,790 USD
https://hypebeast.com/2022/8/balenciaga ... nformation
Demna‘s Winter 2022 show elevated Balenciaga from one of the most revered brands in the world to one that became respected beyond the glitterati of fashion week, as it paid respect to the ongoing crisis in Ukraine with a poem recited by the Creative Director himself and offered showgoers a custom Balenciaga T-shirt that was focused on the Ukrainian flag’s colors. Likewise, the show itself was a powerful and immersive experience, as models were subjected to freezing conditions inside a snow machine that was protected by glass, separating the guests from the models while visually articulating how it felt for Demna to flee his home country of Georgia, and similarly, how the families in Ukraine are currently fleeing from the war. And aside from the blizzard, or even the smashed Apple iPhone 6 invitation, were plenty of fashion moments that made the world stop and think — such as the Trash Pouch.
Actually, it wasn't freezing per se, as in real snow, "The 500 plus attendees at the show were greeted was oversized tees that were designed in Ukrainian flag colors along with a personalized note from Demna — whose family fled from Georgia in the 1993 civil war. The “runway” was essentially an oversized snowglobe where the models plodded through fake snow that flurried around thanks to the wind turbines inside that were cranked up to the max....Demna recited a poem in Ukrainian throughout the show to essentially advise the world to focus on love as fashion is not a priority at the moment." (Even though the majority of people at the show more likely than not don't understand Ukrainian.)... but the biggest takeaway from the show seems to be that darned high priced trash pouch! https://hypebeast.com/2022/3/balenciaga ... collection

“I couldn’t miss an opportunity to make the most expensive trash bag in the world, because who doesn’t love a fashion scandal?” Demna said.

Balenciaga is known for their extremely expensive and outrageously designed accessories, which are sure to keep everyone on their toes. The high-end fashion label certainly understands how to push the boundaries and spark conversation, whether it’s with torn-up shoes or crocs in heels.

Following this pattern, Balenciaga recently made its “Trash Pouch" available for purchase, months after it was first shown at the Winter 2022 show under creative director Demna Gvasalia. It costs $1,790 or €1,400 and is available via the brand’s boutiques and websites. It was inspired by a waste bag.

The Trash Pouch is available in four colour combinations: white and red, black, blue and black, and yellow and black. It is made of calfskin leather with a glossy coating. Everything in the bag, including the interior and drawstrings, is made of calfskin. According to Hypebeast, “the accessory has a tiny layer added to give it an irregular shininess, simulating the glossy black bags you line your bins with, while discreet branding is printed across the front.

In order to highlight the hardship of Ukrainian refugees and demonstrate solidarity with them in the face of the ongoing Russian invasion, the design was shown in a dramatic exhibition in March of this year in which models walked with the bags in the middle of an indoor blizzard. As was to be expected, consumers expressed their confusion over the style and price of the fashion brand’s new bag on social media.

A user tweeted: “High fashion is a joke at this point. Balenciaga made a ‘trash bag’ pouch going for $1790. Is this world real?”

Balenciaga has a trash bag for sell for $1795. I think designer fashion is a morbid social experiment.— AT (primediscussion) July 29, 2022

“I’m convinced Balenciaga is a social experiment because there is no way they are charging 1.8K for a trash bag?” another user wrote.

Balenciaga is the most disrespectful, funny brand ever. They really be trying it and people buy it man. I know that creative director just laughing. “Guess what imma make these Niggas buy now, a trash bag” lmaooo pic.twitter.com/mBW1KHdY07— JAYHAWKS STILL CHAMPS (Mr_Hoova) July 29, 2022

A user wrote, “A trash bag purse – BALENCIAGA deliberately sells ultra expensive signals of low status. The rich buy them to differentiate themselves from the middle class, who are afraid to wear them for fear of being mistaken for low class.”


If you can afford to spend $1790 on a #Balenciaga fashion accessory that looks like a trash bag, you should have enough cash in the bank to fill it up with cash and donate it to your nearest charity… pic.twitter.com/e8bgN3vtPl— Dino™ (dinovdm) August 3, 2022

Fast forward 9 months to Demna's latest scandal which revealed that Balenciaga has a douchebag as a Creative Director, so of course the garbage bag inspired Trash Pouch Purse all makes sense now! Maybe Demna can fill them with cut up and burnt Balenciaga items from people who protested his photo shoot sexualizing and accessorizing children with BDSM fetish themed plushie bear bags.

World class trash!
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