can i tell a crazy story here?

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can i tell a crazy story here?

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I went out to a bar with these two chicks and a good buddy one night to go see a band and have a few drinks and have a good time. So we were hanging out at this table along the wall with the ladies and the band music sounded cool but we could not hear the vocals at all. Even when they were talking between songs. So I went over to the sound guy and told him that we can not hear the vocals and he got all pissed off a me wanting to fight. Fuck that, I went back to the ladies and my buddy.

That's when this super hot gorgeous knockout woman came walking into the bar. I didn't care that I was with two women I was awestruck and my attention was drawn to her. Then one of the women we are with says theres my friend! and runs over and gives that gorgeous woman a hug and is leading her back to the table we are at.

The lady I had come with introduced us all and that gorgeous woman gave my buddy a great big tight long hug. She just looked at me, she didn't even say hi to me. She hugged the other woman we were with when introduced. I was jealous of her too. I couldn't take my eyes off of her. Her and the woman I was with that knows her talk for a couple minutes and then the gorgeous womans friends show up and she goes over to the other side of the bar with the people that she had planned to be with there.

I saw her from across the bar a few times after that but she didn't come back by our table and we left when the show was over. We all went back to my buddys house and got all drunk together. I slept in my buddys bed with one of the women while the other one went home and my buddy got banished to his own couch. Anyways we start to getting it on and all of a sudden I had a terrible urge to puke. I said to her, I'm sorry and bolted for the bathroom, buck naked I ran past my buddy. Puked my guts out. Damn that sucked.

I get done with that and clean up and run back to the bedroom and get in the bed with her and she shoves out of bed on to the floor. I'm all fucked up so I just say fuck it and decide to just go to sleep right there. I fall asleep. While I am sleeping I have a dream, I am somewhere at a party or something and that gorgeous woman is there and in my dream I ask her if she wants to take a motorcycle ride and she gets on my bike and we go off to somewhere and have passionate awesome sex.

I wake up and its morning and the woman on the bed is gone. I find my clothes and get dressed and come out and my buddy is having his morning coffee. Hell of a night I say. He says yeah. I asked him about that big hug that gorgeous woman had given him and if he knew her or something. He says he had never seen her before but that hug sure was fucking awesome. I told him yeah and that i was jealous I didnt get one. Anyways then I went home and went about my life and thought about that dream, I dont usually have dreams with specific people in them like that, and it was so vivid.

Then a week or so later I stop by my buddy to visit him for a little while and low and behold, that gorgeous woman is in his home. She has actually moved in with him. Just as a friend as it turns out she has a boyfriend who is in jail and had no place to go. She gave me the nicest smile when she saw me and I was in love. Sucks that she has a boyfriend. I am not the cheating kind of person but I can pray that they break up and she is single some day.

I just so happened to go visit my buddy almost every single day after that, just to hang out with her, We hit it off and became friends. Then her boyfriend got out of jail. I went to go visit my buddy anyways and I so happened to have brought my motorcycle that day. Well they want me to go get beer at the store so i am going to get on my bike and go, as I am getting on, the gorgeous woman appears at the front door and yells out to me, can i ride along with? Hell yeah! Come on, get on!

Just then her boyfriend appears and grabs her by the arms and pulls her back into the house. So I just took off to the store to go get the beer, I dont want to be in the middle of any bullshit. So I get the beer and come back and have a few and her boyfriend is an idiot, I dont like him, I didnt hang out there very much after that cause I didnt like seeing her with him,

About a month later I went to visit my buddy and he was there all alone and he told me she had moved out. HEr boyfriend and her got a room at a friend of his place. While I was visiting my buddy this other woman shows up who is the girlfirend of the friend who rented them the room. She comes in saying that she cant stand to listen to those two sit there all day arguing about me! She says they are constantly arguing about me.

That gives me some hope that they will break up someday, who knows, it could be a possibility,. So anyways, life goes on and I dont see her at all for a year or so. Until this one day I am again visiting that same buddy, having a few beers with him when theres a knock on the door, Its the gorgeous woman!

She has a few drinks with us and a few laughs with us and we just have a really good time. I think my friend was getting jealous of the sparks flying between her and I and he says he wants to go to sleep we need to leave.

Guess what vehicle I happened to bring with me to my friends house that night That's right, the motorcycle.

She gets on and I am living my dream, unbelievably, unexpectedly, here is my dream come true in real life. SO I just start yelling out, I love you! I love you! love you! I want to fuck you! I want to fuck you! I love you! I love you! as we are driving down the road. I am not sure where to go and im kind of drunk so I pull in this little park by the lake where they have a bench overlookinig the beach and the water. She gets off the bike and goes and sits on the bench and I sit beside her and put my arm around her and kiss her cheek. She grabs my hand and puts it down her pants. Its on. Anyways I will spare you the salactios details, but my dream came true literally.

As we were getting it on though, headlights, pulling in to the parking lot, the lights hit my bike and the car stops, shit, its a cop,. Hes just sitting there, She has her back to all that oblivious so I dont stop. The cop is still just sitting there, when suddenly it backs out and drives away.

Your dreams can come true

I am living proof
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Re: can i tell a crazy story here?

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Skip to the divorce!
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Re: can i tell a crazy story here?

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antiliberalsociety wrote: Sun Aug 14, 2022 12:01 pm Skip to the divorce!
OP thinks with his crazy eyes and his dick :lol: :lol:
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